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The Zone are:
Vocals/Guitar - Dave Browett
Bass/Vocals - Mike Hislop
Drums - Aleem Saleh
Keyboard - Graham Cowdry

The Zone are a 4-piece playing original rock songs with an alternative feel and catchy riffs. They are seasoned musicians and their sound borrows from across the spectrum of time and genre always containing an additional twist (or two). It's 2019 and we're looking forward to playing a few shows - we'll post any gig news on the gig page so feel free to browse our site!

If you're interested in our background, influences etc then read on...


The band was formed in 2006 by Guitarist/vocalist Dave Browett and Bassist/vocalist John Cunnison. Both had played in a variety of bands in the 80’s, and 90’s and with their first drummer Simon Reay-Jones recruited at the end of 2006 they played at venues in and around London in 2007, including the Dublin Castle. Later in 2007 drummer Keith Nicholls joined the band and this line-up was to last until the end of 2009. The band recorded their first album “All of These things” and played a variety of venues including The Live club stage at Guilfest 2009. In 2010 with drummer Jon Parry the band played Guilfest again and released an EP "The Time We Have" and their second album "Rock This Machine". In 2011 drummer Rob Hayter joined the band and the band played on the second stage at Guilfest as well as recording a 5-track EP entitled "Which Path". In 2012 the same line-up played on the Main Stage at Guilfest and in 2013 work on their next project began. In 2014 drummer Aleem Saleh joined the band and they released 3 tracks "3x3". In 2015 Mike Hislop joined on bass and in 2016 they released a 5-track EP "Colour Shift". In 2017 the band released their latest album "Foundation" and played on the Main Stage at Basingstoke Live amongst other shows and festivals. In 2018, with new keyboard player Graham Cowdry joining, the band started writing new material but also managed to find time to play at several venues and festivals. It's now 2019 and the band are continuing to write new material but also are looking to play their original style of alternative/progressive rock at some select gigs to entertain audiences throughout the Home Counties and beyond...


Their influences include Classic/Alternative/Prog Rock bands - Rush, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili-peppers, Santana, Neil Young, Thin Lizzy, Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, U2, Cream, The Jam. They also like to do more than straight 4/4 - if you listen to their songs you will hear 3/4, 6/8, 7/8 and more!!!


“British Band The Zone from Basingstoke (* west of London) are one of those bands who work hard on their careers, which I notice with every release. Over 3 releases, I've been listening to the development of The Zone, who had previously pitched their tents in the rock / blues rock section"...
“Already at this point I can anticipate that all the collaborative work on this album has paid off and has helped The Zone to a quantum leap forward"...
“...the final song-trilogy refined with Charlie Chaplin's "speech to humanity" from the film "The Great Dictator" (* 1940) puts a damn strong, monumental exclamation mark to finish the album".
Translated excerpts from - DannyB @ Schafe Schüsse

“Die bereits 2.006 gegründeten The Zone, ein Trio aus Basingstoke, dem Süden von England, haben bereits vor mehreren Jahren mit ihren EPs "Rock This Machine" (*2.010) und "Which Path" (*2.012) auf sich aufmerksam gemacht. Was bei der letztgenannten EP noch wie eine offen gestellte Frage klang, scheint sich mittlerweile beantwortet zu haben, zumindest wenn man der neuen EP "Colour Shift" glauben darf, aus der man (soweit ich deren Website entnahm) bereits eine Single ausgekoppelt hat. Bislang war es ein Gemisch aus Red Hot Chilli Peppers Einflüssen und Urflüsse des '60er/'70er Rock, die immer wieder durchsickerten und den Sound von The Zone dementsprechend erleben ließen" - DannyB @ Schafe Schüsse

“Ce premier album est influencé par les géants du classic rock et dispense un mélange assez harmonieux de blues, de classic rock, de progress if et d?alternatif. Les riffs de guitares sont heavy, sans être métal. Browett distille de superbes soli chargés d?un feeling intensément blues. La basse de Cunnison quant à elle est magique. À l?instar de celle de Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), elle ne se contente pas d?être une ?suiveuse?. Mise en avant dans le mixage, elle donne le ton et prend souvent le pas sur les guitares. Très ancré musicalement dans les seventies, The Zone évoque tour à tour Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, les Beatles et Cream" - Michel Serry @ Music in Belgium

“The first thing I noticed about this music was the guitar skills. It’s solid. And you can hear everything from gentle Italian inspired riffs combined with an acoustic guitar (Pleased To Be Here). To the total opposite, and what has proved to be the typical sound of The Zone; a steady rhythm with some energetic guitar riffs in ‘Which Path’, ‘The Time We Have’ and ‘Years Gone By’ – a track that also have a brilliant guitar solo". - Eira @
Acuvi Review

"The Zone's music combines catchy hooks with a penchant for challenging rhythms and riffola but manages to sound 'alternative' rather than a 'prog' at all times. Dave Browett's guitar playing is bold and uncompromising and is supported respectfully by John Cunnison and Keith Nicholls' Jimi Hendrix Experience-like rhythm section. - Toby Burton @
Rock Til You Drop

"The Zone have the material to leave you feeling satisfied Great guitar hooks and rhythm too We love to listen to The Zone in the office here at The NerveCast Show gives us a positive buzz and sets us up for the day We are sure the Zone are here to stay " - John @
Nerve Cast Radio Show